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विकिस्रोत से
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यह पृष्ठ प्रमाणित हो गया।


कुछ प्रमाणभूत ग्रंथ

'हिन्द स्वराज्य' के अध्ययनको आगे बढ़ानेके लिए नीचेकी पुस्तकें पढ़ना उपयोगी होगा :

  1. The Kingdom of God is within You - Tolstoy
  2. What is Art? -Tolstoy
  3. The Slavery of Our Times -Tolstoy
  4. The First Step -Tolstoy
  5. How Shall We Escape? -Tolstoy
  6. Letter to a Hindoo –Tolstoy
  7. The White Slaves of England -Sherard
  8. Civilization, Its Cause and Cure -Carpenter
  9. The Fallacy of Speed -Taylor
  10. A New Crusade -Blount
  11. On the Duty of Civil Disobedience - Thoreau
  12. Life Without Principle -Thoreau
  13. Unto This Last -Ruskin
  14. A Joy for Ever -Ruskin
  15. Duties of Man -Mazzini
  16. Defence and Death of Socrates -From Plato
  17. Paradoxes of Civilization -Max Nordau
  18. Poverty and Un-British Rule in India -Naoroji
  19. Economic History of India -Dutt
  20. Village Communities -Maine