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यह पृष्ठ शोधित नही है

116 NOTES TO THESAKLNTILI. [ACT I. 75. Trust. low fascinatingare their | Sunskrit hesart, that is.finvoyselengia glanees!" Strong-scentelliuwer, reckoned among the 716. The infinitive, in constructions such as flowers of Parlise. this, (i.e. where the sign of the genitive is unt 95. See note 9. interposel) agrees with the subs. witli shich it . Notice the use of ge with lipstal: “to is counected. If the genitive sign were useil, aatdhere with," “ to cling to." the intirnitive would the masculine; aschhabi 97.See note 10. hinilat, but chhabi milni. 48. See mote:35. 77.jaise .... uraise hi here imports that 99. In this sentence jo is three times wildflowersput to shameflowers of theunderstool, before alhari bhnjitadure garten, as much as the beauty of the rustic ayoranlit. “ The lips (which) ale Sitkun- girls in the King's presence eclipses that of Hali's-they are the young bunds of the wint; the court-ladies. the arms (which are thers)-they are drooping 78. The future is here used to express | tendrils," &c. "must." 100. The e of chhore is emphatic. 79. tere agrees with ang. 101, Lit."Let me not at any time forget 80. IIere se is truly adjectival, agrecing myself!" that is, “ Rather would I forget with ang. myself." 81. Notice this use of ues to express | 102. See note 9. "fon." Lit. "Iny affection is in these plants," ___103. The e of huhe is emphatic.

  1. . e. "I have an aflection for these plants." 104. "Some what vexedly;" hoher is ad-

82. “ Like (that) for one's own full | verbial, and st diminishes the force of the brother." Suhodar is a brother related substantive. through both one's own father anml mother, | 105. Trans.."What is the matter with 105. Trans whati Eas contrasteil with a half-brother. Harihrother. You mow?" Stjhnd here means "to vecur." 8:3. The imperative of chalnit, though it | ____IOi bat understood; the sense being, really means "go, move," is often employed, | some very similar expression." nahere, as the eguivalent of "eone," esveei- 107. Transt, for else some perplexity is ally when meaning “to come along with" | arisen in my mind." The next word, Parantu, Home. may be transluted "anyhow." 64. See note 30. 108. yogya forms, here, almost a compound 85. chahit hoter is here adverbial. Italjective with the preceding infinitive. meins "surprisedly." . 109. See note 78. 86. Sce note 78. 110. Lit." my heart is become in suth- 87. This tooks like a lenter verb matle jeetion to her,"i.e. “ I am captivated by her." pussive; but it is really a compound verb 111. A pure Brahmani on both the mother's on the model of chala jant. anil the father's sile was not permitted to the- 8. uisihaijnise, &c.,"it is as though,"&c. eome the wife of a king. See Maul, iii. 12, 89. The Acacia sama, the wood of which 13. A Brahman might marry a woman of is very hird. the lower castes (Munu,x.61,65); and the 90. The double negative is here emphatic.female offspring of such a marriage might 91. ht, affirmative emphasis. "A burk become the wife of Kshattriya. Tre chil- dress does indeed suit," &c. dren of such a marriage were of the Suta or 2. "Scum itself looks well on the lotos." | charioteer class : See Mann,x. 11, 4) 93. Here hhutti hui means faeruires 112. “ Well! be it as it nny," &e. beauty." Transt. And even a dark line 113. See nole 65. gnins grace (when) on the finll moon." 114. A mere exclamation of impatience, 9. The tim or mango ; in the original equivalent to the French "Mon Dieu!"