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यह पृष्ठ शोधित नही है

108 NOTES TO THE SAKUNTALA, ACT I. 147. Transl. " feeling apprehension." 160. Infinitive for imperative. Mr. Ether- 148. Mortals, by the ractice of extra | ington (Hindi Gralamar,8544) thinks this Ordinary devotion, could acquire merit snian Urdu itiom milelegant; but it is cicut to enable them to dislossess the gods of | freely used by every Hindi writer, even the Swarga, or heavci. This was the CHITSL of most caretul who has yet appeared, riz. occasional alarms among the innortals Mathura prasala Misra. Pal from being in- __140 Transl. "As to what follows," or elegaut, it is at times employel when a little " for the rest." Aye is applied to both future | courtly etiquette is intended. Often, too, it and past. is loristic: hence it is appropriate in the Ten 1). After ab the word jo is understood. 51. Trumst. “ Why should it not be so?" 170.Alverbial: " foreibiy." 152. Tunturere it hot so" &c. 1700. Tliis is an instance of the statical 153. Tiraast, where sould one tind..."? use of the preseart. It wonldscuretely 154. The word hahie here expresses floubt. hare relnired a ucte, had not so recent The sentence means, " But there is this sur writer as Capt, Holroyd deniel the correct- mmisc, that possitily [her] friend may hareless of such phrases (Tastuil-ul-Kalam, p. spoken of marriage jestingly." 117). The participle is used absolutely (in 155. The woul bit is here understood. the locutive) because it does not refer to the 156. abhi here = "siill." subject of the principal verb thak.jand: ste 107. Transl. "no one has power over Platts's Hindustani Grammar, p.333, The herniiis." simplest explanation of the construction is,that 158, baintis adjective to binprasthaniyan | men is understooil after uthdte. 150.See note 44. 171. The word bāt is understool. 160.xi here = sarihhi B f deer with eyes 172. Transl. " 101% go, if you choose." like her own." 173. Neuter past part., used adjectivally, 161. "fit, suitable, equal." with hui for principal verb Trunst. fis 162.See note 108, The sense is, that the entangled." shining object wlich he teared was like fire, 174. The word man is understood. he now finds to be aji.wel which can be ____175. Neut. past purt. Lit., "so her [mind] touched. | appears arrested by me." ___]ti3. bahut, like other verms expressing 176. yadyaniis understood before merior, "rpcaking," &e., takes the ahlative, Transi. and dekhtishwafter it, "Anasuyi is talking nonsense to tue." 17. This is a masc. compound; the ki 164, Lit. "so got up as thougli he would agrees witli dhil. stop iner." 18. Transt, fas an embnlied hindrance 1105. The past part. is nor rarely used into our pelance." conjunction with chthni, Capt. lolroyd 179. Transl. " with his feet. antangleel in SRs that itisticver used with the past tenses creejing plants." 180. See note 9. __liti. Transl. "Had not virtue, perchance, 181.hiyedalta hai is more intensive than helpeal [v] what wonld have come to pass!" | hai Malta hai. Attitchit is preceded byjoor yali under 182. paand with intinilive = "must." stood: Bec notc51. 183. Truast. Gautanmi will be anxious 167."Who will stop mer" about thee." 168. This sentence is very idiomatic. 184.jisse = "so that" Transl. " Friend! one should keep one's ___185. Iit." by me it is not goine," i, e. “[ word, though. There are still two more trees cinmulgo," It is rather unusual to find se remaining for thce towater." employed thus ritha neuter verb, but by no Presinited.