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यह पृष्ठ शोधित नही है

114 NOTES TO THE SAKUNTALI. FACT III. that the offering groultk the made on either प्रेम मेरे देह को तपाना में सपने तन मन को दे thr 1st, or Brd, or 7th, orth day after datli (lik. III. eh.xiii.). | चकी॥ Dushyanta's reply : हे म कमारी मदन 51. Lit., "as far as (sour) intelligence | तके केवल पाता। परंत मेरे हृदय को भस्म call reach," i.e. "as well as you can." 52. Transl., fbut what sort of measure is easure is | करता तु दृष्टि करके बिचार । भानु क्रमोदिनी की there by shich," &c. गन्ध को केवल मन्द कर देता । परंतु चन्द्र का 53. What wouler is it, then that the Mion shonil enter the Visiklia-asterisin!" मण्डल मात के दर्शन में खेत हो जाता है। The allusion is astronomical. Dushyanta, 70. "ompressed by beat.” The genitive is being of the lunar race, mity have intendel often used in this way, with apast part., to to idrutify hinsell with the Moon. forni, substantially, a compound adjective. 54. When an active verth is intensified by 7 1.jagahdent, is "to make room (for aid ofanelter rerb, it becomes neuter itself. | anyone)." 16.See note44. 72. Transl., " Her very bashfulneas is ii. Transl., “I am, indeed, brcome just | taking the heart captive." ६0:"ho is separated from guythin for em- 73. The iden is, that Sakuntalh is bash- phasis only. Other instances of similar dis- | fully looking down, as though counting lotos. junelion will be fount further oil. petals, which are wounded by her impassioned 58. Transt., " but I feel test the king may glauces. contemptuously return it:"nu is the com 14. All verbs of asking, sperking, &c., and pleinent of hahin. Iphrases of similar import, may take the ab. 50, 30 ... .yah mean the the same;" | lative. yain is, in fact, only etuphatic. The Sunsk. 75. See note 160, Act I. reads ayun sah, “this the, a constituction | 76.tum donon ki would, ordinarily, be which has much the same effect.. considered as sutlicient. (0. The infinitire is always in the masc. 77. Transl., " still, love for this friend form, when followed hy a case sign. makes me desirous of saying something 61. chahe = " may he." more." (12. See note 59. ___18.yadi lauchh is understood in both ti, glutatirar = "disparagingiy." cases. 64. nahin tan -[Is not it] indeed so?" 79. Transl.,"now you alone are caprable There is nothing equivalent to takin tau, in of saving her life." the Sanskrit original. 80. Transl., " I, for Iny part, am in all 66. The meaning of the metaphoris, i respects favoured." " Who would be so silly as to deny hinn- | 81. The corj. part. here, and frequently self the very comfort he desires." elsewhere, is much like the ablative. By 67. lochan bhuer, with full exes, ie speaking such words," ke. " distinctly." 82. “ beloved hy many wives." Many 68 "Dictate away." A continuative form, adjeetives besidesird take agenitive in Bee note 43, this way. 69. Sakuntala's letter and Dushyanta's re- | 83. Transl., "yon must treat our friendso that," &c. It is equivalent to the imperative. ply may the paraphraseel, in prose, as follows: 84. adhik hya tahin, "what more can I हे मखदेनेवाले मित्र तेरे मन की बात में नहीं | say ?" जानती । परंतु मेरे मन को मदन बहुत अचैन करता 85. chahe jitni is very iiliomatic. It means "howerer mirch," and, in the plural • how हैं। तुझ से हलमा रात दिन कल नहीं होता। many soever."Sec note 106.