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यह पृष्ठ शोधित नही है

124 NOTES TO TILE SAKUNTALA. [Acr I 79..jo is unlerstood. 1000 Neuter continuative. See note 66. 80, bhikhon nand " to starvis to death," 107.upayt. samborne he tomse, t in Parnd with an infhu, here marks necessity. consequence of financial occupations." " While he is in a muse, I, for my part, shall 108. The equivalent of “I have the have to stay here and die of hunger." hononr to inform your lighness." 81. Transl. "as though she were on the 100. See note 35, Aet. I. point of spcaking alond." 111. The original of this passage is 82. nakle se sikh tak, " froin top to toe." garbh he balak htyaliyapi jtama, &e.i 83. Transt. “ Still, how earn a picture birt, as this is plainly liable to olijection, I require her beauty ?" have changed it to what was obviously in. 84. Phulpatt, iimagination,"a meaniny not tended to the expressed. The Sanskrit text given in dictionaries. sars : manugar bhab pitryan riktham arhati, 85. "overpowereal hy thirst." See note " Surely, a fetus is cutitlel to paternal wealth." 86. likhnt, there and in other parts of 112. Mer herc = famong." this colloquy, menus " to draw," "tode- 113. The ninda is a thull or lump of ment, pict." or of rice uiixed with milk, eurds, Howers, 87.yalbat is understood before the verb, &c., and is offered to the manes of ancestors, and hilafter it. as an olhiation, Sce Manti, iii, 215, 201; 88.hpurlh is looked upon as savourinand, for the most efficacious oblations, 26- of Urdi; achet is more ullexceptionble276. Fornfull account of the materials of Hindi. suhieh the pinde may be commposed, sce 89. Past part, used adjectivally, and there- Wilson's Vishnu-PAuran (ed. by Dr. F. fore inflected. Hall), vol. iii. p. 118. The whole process 10. hogt and hingi = "must be;" ts of offering the eake is letailed in bk. HI phan.ali = f surronding." cli. xx. of the same work. 91.kasar is a corruption of the Arabics ll4. This alluules to the poorest of all " imperfectiou." oblations to the manes, water, which, ac- 12. See Note l, Aet I. cording toManu, iii.202 and 283.if of- 93. This is the Persian is mearing to | Tered with becoming eereumony, is as effica- bring into place, i e. to offect, exeente. | civus as any of the other oblalious. The Such expressions belong to Urlin, rather than | Vishnu-purion (HI.xis.) priviles for the to IIindi. deepest poverty, liy stuting that "the arus 94. usho is understood. See mote: I,Act I. toissed up in the air in klevotion" will sutice 95. mer is understood : "in my opinion." as an olfering for one who cannot afforila 97. aye harhkar here - tin the back. | little water !! These ceremonies are per- ground." formcil thy relatives of direct llscent and 118.50 is understood. comsanguinity, to the fourth degree only; 39.). See note 95. or, aecorrling to Maur, ii. 248, to the sixtli 100.Transi. f in my opinion, the moc- | degree. (See also Vishyu-purina, ik. H11. eupiel space should be filled up with a her- | ch. xii.) If ther are not performel, it is mitess humpbacked like me." thought that dire calamities fall upon the 10l. Transi. “ I quite forgot to say." matles, and upon the family of him who 102,163. abhishun is understood. negleets them. These sacred riles are the 104. See nole 35, Act I. eause of the great anxiety amruifested by 10.5.jaant has a cuter construction, in Hindi to obtain oflappring, comserience of the rerb with which it is 115. Transl. "but now is brought to an compoundel. Transt. " AL! I understand." end through conving by me."