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यह पृष्ठ शोधित नही है

ACT VIJ NOTES TO THE SAKUNTALA. 125 116. The Sarasvati is one of the rivers of 131. aistt qualifies gan. so strong a the Panjab; and its waters, after running | body of Danavas, that,"&c. several miles, disappeal in the earth. The | 132. Nirala was a Devarshi, or Celestial reason for this is given in the Mahabharata, Saint, who actell as messenger to the gods. iii. 10,038, as follows:-" This is the spot He was a notorious gossip and quidnune. marned the Disappearance'; it is the e- 133. Trans.. “ Thanks to him, I have trance to the country of the Nishadas, in con- aequired a protector." Seruence of whese impurity the Saraswati 133u. Similar anoinaly to that remarked entered the earth. - Let not the Nishailason in note 118. Bee me' (was lier expression), See, also, 134. Lit. " by bis on intelligence," ia. mote 4. “to the best of this sagacity." 117. Terajitnani aptarit ho, “ the deiparous 13. hd. is here governell hy kut,"the what Inymph." The Sanskrit text yields of the of this?" or what part of this?" This idion] mother of Indra," that is,Aditi, the wifect is explained in the Hinult Reader in its tuote Kassapn. on line 15, as part of the mass of information 118.krushthamerilit would be better.. which that raluable book contains, The verba See p. 40, line G, and p. 57, line 4, for other are conditional ; therefore translate : "What similar anomalies. arould have been the ham, had Mitali de- 119. hene he here = "of a certainty." livered this message without throtiling nme?" 120. Transl. "so that nobody saw him." After drishti, men is understood. 121. These are participles forming more ACT VIL. intensive expressions than would result firom comhirning bases of verbs witlidant. I. This sentence is not in the original. ____123. Notice the genitire here. Iany 2. deration ke dekhte, "in the presence of adjectives require the genitive in this way, the gods." in Hiuti. ka undergoes inflexion, accord-1 3. Jayanta was a son of Indra, by his dayanta . ing to the subject to which the adjectire | favourite wife Sachi. reter's. 4. Harichandan is a fragrant yellow kind 124. Past tense for proximate future. of sandal-wood, with which the breast of 125.hd="by. See notes 49,55. India is fabled to have been ornamented and 126. Transl. I cintiot perceive thee. perfumed. What, then, is the mattel?" 5.Mandir is the name of one of the 127. “ The Hindus imagine that the fia-jerer-blossoming trees of Indra's heaven, mmingo (a kind of swan) is the vellicle on which G.doti, "only iwo." the god Brahnit is borne through the air; 7. The Narasinha (nara, "mar," stha, and that this bird, being fond of the palpv "lion") was the fourth of the Lvatiras, or fibres of the water-lily, has been gifted, b epiphunies, of Vishnu. Thegod issued from hiin, with the power of separating the milky a pillar, in a form half-human, half-animal, from the watery portion of the juice contained in order to tear in pieces au herotical giant. in the stalk of that plant."-Prof. Munier 8. ban parta hai, " happens to be attom- Williams, Notes to his Translation of theplished." Sakuntala. 9. Katlichit . . na, "if, intleed, ... not." 12R. Mitali is the charioteer and messen- The verbs are conutitional. ger of the goil Indit. ____10. Swarg ke gane yogya is all aljeetive to 120. Allother corroborated intensive. Seegiten. note 121. ll.idhar se jate hue, "when (they were) 1:30. The name of a demon. Jogoing this was"