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यह पृष्ठ शोधित नही है

120 NOTES TO THESAKUNTALA. [Acr. VII. 12. In the opiniion oftle Hindiis, there enched only by rain which fistly from the are seven putths or mtirgas in the heaven, stir Arcturus, therefore it imust thirst along which puticalur winds tarel. The | while this stu is not above the horizon. Sue cirenlation of these currents of air keeps the the Sinhisan-battist, 21st story. world in proper position. These niyas | 19. The present tense for proximate future. were also used as channels of commamiention, | Also notice dp with 2nd per'sDI. up and down which the celestials might slides 20.jtin parth here has the same import at pleasure, as dikshit dettt would have. 18. Akkisitgangit means "the heavenly 21. Notice the five ways of expressing Gunges." The Ganges is divided into three | " Eeem" in this speech. purtions. It is supposed to have arisen from 22, get bankar = "asa ball. Lit., the swent of Vishnu's tue, which was first makinyalull of it." received by the god Brahma in his alms | 23. The Hemakuta mountains are a rango dish, and then floweil through theaven, uniler of the Himalayas, and were supposed to be the name of Mandikini, forming the Milkythe abode of Kubera, the god of riches, Way, The sacred streatm next fell to the | The word itself means " gold-peaked." earth; but, to save the world from damage, 21. Kusyap was a son of Marichi, one its descending muss was received upon his of the Prajapatis, or mini-horn sons of head by Siva, standing on the Ilimilaye Bralima. Ile married the thirteen daughters mountains. Trickling through this leity's | of Dakshatan, ix. 129), another of the huir, it reached the earth, and then formeil | Prajapatis (in the Mahabharata, i. 2571, the well-known river. Upon neuring the suil ty have been produccel thom Brahnil's sea, Gangh divided herself inton hundred right thumb). Kasyara was the immediate branches, and rushed down into Patil (a Jngent in the creation of living creatures, division of the under-worlhl), where she being the father of gouls, demons, mes, tunversed the third portion of her course, reptiles, &c. A full account of his progeny inder the name of Bhogavati. The objeet of is given in the Vishnu-purana, I. xxi. the creation and wanderings of the Ganges | The sun is reckoned among his otlspring (see Was to discover, and to release from the curse Colebrooke's Essays, ed. 1873, vol, i.p, of the saint Kapila, the 60,000 sons of King 153); and the renownel Mann was his Sagarm grandson. Kasyaps is the reputed author 14. Parivaha is the name of the wind of some hynans of the Rig-veda, and is name! which moves the Ganges along its come in in the oblations offered to the gods. The the sky. lt passes along the sixth marga, fact that Kasyana is said to have been the alid carries the Grent Beas in its path. Buddha who ruled the universe next before 15. This refers to the fifth or dwarf | |Sakya Mani, shows how deeply all seetious arntara of Vishnu. In the guise of a dwarf, of Indian society reverenceil the tuams. There he induced King Bali to grant hin three ure Brahmass still in India who claim TAces of ground; und then, suldenly be.descent from Kutyapa: see Colebrooke's eaning gigantic, he strode over earth and Eesays (ed. 1873), rol, i. p. 167. Aditi, the hcuren in two steps , but he left the mether wife of Kashupa, Wes mother of the Adityas, regions to Bai. | among whoni Indra, Varuna, and other 16.rom tom, feaeli particular hair. Tictfumous deities are reckoned : BED the Rig- word rom applies to the tlown hain. fountall vela, III. V. viii.43; and note 80, infra. over the body. 25. Sraddhd se, “reverently." 17. See note 121, Act VI. 26. yogya there = "mcet," "fitting." 18, The chital: is a kind of enckoo, said 27. The jaurit (uparita in Sanskrit) is the to delight in moisture. Its thirst ean the sacrificial cord worn by the regenerate or