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यह पृष्ठ शोधित नही है

128 NOTES TO THE SAKUNTAIA. [Acr TII. snake" it out to seo then, when it is fel for the trusty," but is here used for ftrust-in- first tinie, &c., &c. These ceremonies are spiring" shortly described in Mantn, ii. 27, et sen. 74. Agrees with angathi milerstool. Tho rite knowu in Stuuuskrit us jatakarman is 75. Jai agrees with pratiti. defined by Colehrooke as faceremony or 76.ki-finasunneth ns." nined at the birth of a male, before the 77. ek saeg = flogether." । scetion of the naval string, amil which con 78. This is a continuative form, All sists in making him tasteelarified hutter out have constantly doneso." of n golden spoon."-lintu Law (el. 1801), 79. Trans/. “ Indra's thunderbolt exists vel. iii. p. 104, foot-trote. (as) only a mere ornament." 61. Chhor = "except," " besides." 80. The twelve Adityas vere, as their 62.sany bankar', " transformed into a name imports, the offspring of Aditi. They are, in reality, names of the Sun in the 63. Trans, " Did you ever sce (anyone) so twelve mouths of the yearBhut, mytho- heing (transformel)?" logically, they are important deities, fre- 64. These are participles with mnch thequently celebrated in the hymns of the Rig- fores of the su-called conjunctive participle. vedu. See note l, Act I. 81. Bivan avatar means Vishnu, who ___65. Kahin :- "hy sole meaus," " in some cheated King Bali out of his possessions, hy way or other," "somehow." assuming the appearance of adwarf (bavan), 66. The hair was bond into a single lock, and soliciting three yaces of ground. See callel a jati, as a sign of mourning or sept mote 15. ration. 81a. Vasava is name of Indra, 67. Ilere we have the musunl past tense 82. Ren = "at." of karnt, whicli bays so conspiellous a part 83. Pulomain was the father-in-law of ill Lallin Lal's Prent-sidyara; it is, fiurther- Indre ; his laughter Suchi being that. kleity's more, inade to agree with btitlhi, part of itself wifc. as n nominal verb, and not with jis ko, the sa, saubhagyaratt, f. adj. = subhugt, f. real objeet. The forms, hard, hura, &c, are subs., "a gooil or prosperous woman." vecasionally heard from the lips of women t . "Come, be seated." Lit." be resplen- And ehikdren in India. dent." 68. = "inasmnch as." 85. hue is often tlius used in adjectival eon- 69. hoga is here for ldhood, "must harestrictious. Transl. "insomneh that the dea been." sires (whieh come) after secing (you), even the- 70. According to Ilindu motions, there are fore (presentation to you) are accouplished." three primitive gras or qualities ; satiya, ___86. Transl. " Isitnel against your fimils." rajas, anil tamas. Aant tells us (xii. 38) 87. Sagotri, one of the saxie gotra or that the charneteristic of lenas is pleasure, family. There are 49 gotras, emamating from that of rajas is ambition, and that of suttra eight priinitire families, whielt derived their is virtue." Tamas means, literally, flark descent from eight priineral rishis or ssints. ness," and is held to the the cause of ignorance Every Bralaman is obliged to know to which and of ail the wickedness of the world. of the 49 gotras his own fisniily belongs , so See the Vishnu-puriya, I. vi. 13. that, when he lights the sucrificial fire upon 71.men - fat." this own altar, he may inroke the mealintorinl 72. Transl.fuut your love for me has been action of Agni through the proper aneestor's, kept up till now," There is an actnal bloori-relationship between 73. This mens both f trustiug" audimembers of the same gotra and the severest