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( 13 ) SUPPLEMENTAL GLOSSARY. [The following words, and forms of words, or their meanings, &c., are not to be found in one or other of the ordinary Dictionaries.] prefix, and स्वार्थिन "selfish.") Self- अग्रगामी (अग्र+गामी) adi. and s.m. Going secking. before; a leader. समडल (अ+ महाल) 8. m. An unpleasant- अहमद (अहमद) 8..Stiftness of joints. ness, calalnity, anything disagreeable. अद्वराग (क +राम) 8. m. Unguent for अर्पण करना or कर देना ७. nominal. To smearing the body. offer, present. अछता (from Hand लुना “to touchuadi.] असावधानी s.f. Carelessness. Untouched, uncontaminated. सञ्चल (s form of अञ्चर) 8. m. The brcast, bosom; also, the hein of a garment. आतङ्क (or, by corruption, आतंग) 8. m. अतिपिसाकार (comp. of Sans. प्रतिधि"guest,"| Fear, apprehension. सत"good," and -कार "doing")8.12. सादि./.(generally m.) Beginning. Hospitality. | आपा form of आप pron. Self. अखला (from आधा "half," and खुला p. part. of खुलना ... " be open") adj. Half open, gaping, ajar. इकताला (a corruption of एकताला= एकताल- अनखना?.. To tease, annoy. वाला) adi. of a single musical mea- अनमिल (सन + मिला) adj. Ill-assorted,! sure or time. unsuitable (to each other). अनामय (from Sans. सन privative prefix, and आमय "sickness") s.f. Health, Being ncuter in Sanskrit, this sub- | उग्रतप (उग्र+तपम s. m. Severe penance. stantire shonld, by the general rule, उनीदा adj. Sleepless. be masculine in Hindi. उशीर or उसीर ... A fragrant root of अन्न, अनत, अन्ते, and अनेह adee (from the grass%3, the same as khas-khas. Sans. अन्यत:.) Elsewhere, to another place. The form अन्न, p.7, lin02.1, is not very common. ऊंचा नीचा adj. and s. M. Unlevel ; rough पपस्वार्थी adj.(from Sans. अपdepreciatory ground. 82