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132 SUPPLEMENTAL GLOSSARY. क yielding every wish; similar to the halpatant. एकाग्रचित्र adj. Closely attentive. ए होकर cartu. Very attentively. (See note 90, कसर (corruption of the Arabic ,s) 8.M. Imperfection, blenish. Act VII.) कह पाना ... To announee. कह देना .. a. To declure, state, tell, कहीं als. Somewhere, anywhere: fre. एंडाना or ऐड़ना ".". To strut. quently used with subjunctives, and such like, to imply doubt or uncer- tainty. जोगुण (a corruption of अवगण) 8.M.,Con- कालंगड़ा or कालांगड़ा 8.m. The name of a tempt. Pig or song. Mr. Platts has kindly सीपधिपति (comp. of श्रीपधि “medicine," supplied the following elyinology : and पति "master")s.. The lord of काल + अन+गड़ा (= गढ़ा) "unpolished drugs; a namo of the Moon. measure;" and I think he is cer- tainly right. कुसारी (from Sans. कुमारी) 8. f. A maid, ___virgin. कञ्जको (froin Sans. कक्षुकिन्) 8. m. An at- कम्भिल क8.m, A thief. tendant on the women's apartments | कम्भिलाना (a form of कम्हलाना) ४. a. and n, in a palace. To blight. To wither, to he blighted. कजुको (from Sans. कञ्चक .jacket") s.f. A कम्हलाना 1. a. To blight, blast. hoddice. करवक 8.8. 'Tho Red amaranth. कटिबन्ध (कटिबन्ध) 8. M. A wist-belt, करा (from Suns. करवक) 8.m, Barlerial; girdle. __the Red amaranth. कटौला adj. Piercing (eyes), cutting कसमय 8.1. Unseasonable time, wrong mo. (glances). __ment, irregular or unsettled time,&c. कदाचित auty. Perhaps, perchance, if : used कुममा युध (comp. of Sans. कमम "Hower," ____often the conditional tenses of verbs.. and आयुध " weapon") s. m. Whose कनियांs.j. The lap. कनौती (a form of कनोटी) St. The ear of weapons are flowers; an epithet of Kama, the god of lore. a horse. केली . f. The slough of a snake. कमनेत (firom Pers.odies "an archer") S. W. A beater in a hunt, an archer. करमालय (froin Suns. कृपामार 8.m. Tho black antelope. खुरतार (= खुरताल .. खुर + ताल) 8. m. Hoof-clattering, the noise of the gain कलानिधि (Sans. eompound of कला " ray," and निधि " receptacle") ५. m. The loping of horses. treasury of rays; a name of the Moon. कल्पना s, f. Inagination, thought, con- ception. कल्पना करना “ to suppose." गात (from Sans, गात्र) 8.91. and f. The body. कल्पलता (कल्प + लता) 8.f.A creeping plant | गणदायक (गण + दायक) adj. Beneficial.