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SUPPLEMENTAL GLOSSARY. 133 9e120. गुरुजन .. A guru or preceptor. जन छोंकर or छोकुर (from Sans. होमकर) 8.3. ___is sometimes a plural affix. The Acacia. गौरीपूजा (गौरी + पूना) 8. J. The worship ___of Gauri or Parvati, consort of Siva. ग्रमना 27. . To bite, seize. जन्मानार (जन्मन् + अन्तर) s. n. Another ग्रहदशा (comp. of Sans. ग्रह "planet," state of existence. and दशा " influence").. Planetary | जलाचमन (जल + आचमन) 8. 23. Rinsing the influence (good or bad). _mouth with water (as a religious act). मह पति (comp. of Sans. ग्रह “ planet," जातिपाति (from Sans. जाति " tribe, and and पति "master".m. Chief of the पदि "line," "roy") 8.f. Pedigree, plancts ; a name of the Sun. genealogy.. जान पड़ना ... To appear, seem, be per- ___ccived. जीवनमूरि (a form of जीवनमूल) comp. s. m. घड़ीक (fron घड़ी+ एक" about an hourt) The root of life (a terin of endear- ande. For a little while, for a short ment). time. चूंघट .m. and / A veil. अप्पा (a form of झोपा).M.A buneh of fruit. कोंकाना (a form of जाना) ४. प. To beud downwards, incline, cause to stoop. चमेली (a form of चसेली) 8.1 [he Jasmine (Jasminem grandiflorem). चांबल g.m. Uncooked rice; grain in ge- संडी ta form of डारी)./. A stalk, branch. ___neral. चित्रालय (comp. of Sans. चित्र “ painting," and आलय “place") 8. n. Atteher, ढरकना (a form of ढल कना)।... To flow, roll studio. down. चिनोती (a form of चुनौटी).. Incitement, ____defiance. चेतावनी (a form of चितावनी) 8.1 Admo- तघास्त See note 112, Act VII. ___nition, adrive. चोकड़ी भरना. nomimal. To bound along. जिलानली (comp. of Sans. तिल "sesamum- seed," and अनली "the palms of the hands placed side by sitle"s.m. A handful of trater mixed with sesa. ललाम भरना . Nominal. To bound along. mum-sceds, offered to the manes of छाबड़ा (from Sans. शाय the young of any deceased aneestors. ति देना To per- animal) 8. in. Young creature ; young form funeral obsequies. tiger. In Marathi this word means तला (a form of तोतला) adj. Lisping, stam- " darling;" the termination -डा being a mering like a child, prattling. common diminutive in thav language. तौ (a forin of तो) particle. Then, for. (Cf. Hindi छोकड़ा froin शावक + डा.) sooth, &c.