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134 SUPPLEMENTAL GLOSSARY. विभवनपनी (त्रि+भयन + धनी) adj. Possessed नागकेशरी (नाग + केशर) 8.f. The name of of the three worlds (an epithet of a flower (Megla Rorburghi). Indra). नामधराई (नामन + धराई from घराना).f. चिया चरित्र (firom Sans. स्त्री “ woman," and Reproach, defimation, चरित्र "uctions.m. Women's ways. निकल जाना ". ?. To advance beyond, to gain upon another in a race. निरूमाह (निम् + उत + साह) adj. Devoid पकावट 8.f. Fatiguo; shock, jolt. of energy, unenergetic, averse to uctive cxertion. निधार करना , nominal. To settle, fix witik दई interj. An exclumation akin to the | French "Mon Dieu!" It may even | ____accuracy (governs का). निकारण (निस + कारण) adj.and ale-Cause- be a contraction of देवी “goddess." दरसना (= दिसना).2. To appear, be seen. _less; causelessly. दरसाना (causal of दरमना) v. &. To cause नीलकण्ठ (नौल + कराठ) Sans. comp. alj. and s. M. Blue-throated ; a nume of to appear, to show. Siva. दया लाना .nominal. To have pity (on, पर). नैक (a form of नेक) adv. For a short time. दाभ (a corruption of the Sans. दर्भ) 8.1. ___Kusa-grass, दासीजाया (Sans. दामी s. f. "female slave," पखरी (a forrm of पनुडी) 8.f. The petal of a and corruption of जात p. purt." born.") flower. s. m. The son of a femalo slaver दिखाई देना V. nominal. o appear, seem. पञ्चशर (comp. of Sans. पश्चन् “five," and शर "arrow") s.m. Who has five arrows%3B देसी (corruption of दो + पर्थिन) adj. a name of Kama, the god of love.. ___Double meaning, ambiguous. परनारी (पर+नारी) .f. Another's wife. दुपहरो (दो + पहर) s.f. Mid-day. दीनिमान adj. Radiant... परभृति का (from Sans. परभृत "cuckoo ") दीप्यमान adj. Shining. ___B.f. A proper naine. परायागर्भ (पराया + गर्भ) adj. Pregnant by दृष्टि करना . Nominal. To look (upon, पर). ___another (than One's husband, &c.) देह 8.t. und m. The body. This word is पशानाप (comp. of Sans. पश्चात् "after- masc. about Benres, and fon. in many wards," and ताप "afliction") s. m. other parts of India. द्वादश आदित्य See note 80, Act VII. Remorse, repentance. पाणिग्रहण (eomp. of Sans. पाणि “hand," and ग्रहण “ taking") s. m. Marry- धुकधुकाना (a fornt of धकधकाना) v.ta. To ing. palpitate. परकायै (पर+कार्य) 8. m. Acity-matter, धृष्ट adj. Bold, impudent. an allair of domestic policy. प्रत्यच्चा (from प्रति + अच) Sanskrit (pro- bally late).f.A DOr-string. नगीच (Hindi corruption of the Persian and प्रायाना (from Sans. प्रत्ययन) ४.६. To con- Urdhesi postposition and s. m. ___fide in, to trust. Neur; ricinity. प्रात कमल 8. m. The morning lotos.