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SUPPLEMENTAL GLOSSARY. 135 प्रीतिपत्र (eomp. of Sans. प्रीति " love," and पत्र “leaf") 8.m. A love-letter. भी हं (nom.pl.of भाँ)s.f. Eyebrows. भ्यासना (a forun of भासना)... To apnear, seem, be known. झिरकर (=फिर) addr. Again. मनभारता (मन+भावता) adj. Agreeable to the heart, pleasing. घडप्पन (aform of बड़ापन) s. m. Greatness, मंद करना. nominal. To slacken speed. grandeur, dignity. मनोभव 8.m. A name of Kama, the god of वडभागी (बड़ा + भागी) adj. Fortunate. ___love. बडवानल (from Sans. बडवा"mare," and मलयागरु (from मलय the name of a coun- सनल "fire") 3.2. Submarine fire. try, and अगरु "Aloe," &c.) s. m. The See note l, Act III. Sandal-tree. बन्ध बन्धिst. Bondage, imprisonment | मन्मथs.m. A name of Kama, बिरूला (from Sans. धीरुप).m. A shrub, मसकना ५.a. To touch, stroke, squceze. plant. The etymology of this word is doubt- बिलमाना(from विलस)... Todclay, stay, ful. Mr. Platts has suggested the Sans. tarry. मुश (मर्श), or स्पर्शक as the source of tho बिसासिन adj. fem. of विसासी (from Sans. word; प, as is often the case, becoming विश्वासिन). Trusting, trust-inspiring. म; both of these Sanskrit words would बिहनी (fronl Sans. विहीन “without," ____yield the required sense. "outer") adj. From its original mean मांसाहारी (from Sans. मांस "fiesh," and inex, "without,” this word came to साहारिन् “eating") ali. Flesh-eating. mean "abandoned," " left," "apart," | मायका 8. 22. Mother's house. " forcign," "strange." It has the मोन केतन (eomp. of Sans. मौन "ish," and latter sense in p.b1. केतन “symbol ")s.m. He whose symbol चीनना ... Topick, pluck, glean, gathere is a fish; a name of Kama, the god (as flowers, &c.). of love. बेहलता (बेत + लता) 8.f. An arbour, bower. | मुडेल (a form of मुंडेर) ४./. The coping of a wall. मुनिमुना (मुनि + मुता) 8.1. The daughter of भय खाना nominal. To be afraid. a uri, or saint. भयभीत (भय "fear," and भीत "alarined") मनीश्वर (comp. of Sans. मनि "saint," and adj. Afflicted with fear. ईवर “ lord ") s. in. Chief among saints. भरदौड़ al. At full gallop. मन्यन्न (comp. of Sans. मुनि “ saint,” and भागभान adj. Fortunate. सन" food")s.m. The food of saints. भगताना (anomalous form of भोगना) ... मसक्यान 8.1. A smile. To cause to experience, or canse to be मसक्याना (a form of ममकराना) ४.n. To rcalized; to perform, execute, have smile, simper. dono with, मृगछौना (मग + छौना) s. n. A fawn. भोरी (the fom of the adj. भोरा used as a मगतषणा (San3. comp. of मृग "deer," and substantivc) s..A simple, artless girl. तृष्णा " thirst") s.f. Mirage,