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136 SUPPLEMENTAL GLOSSARY. प मदल स्वभाव (म ढल । स्वभाव) dj. Tender- matured. चीनम (comp. of Sans. वर्ण"colour" or मेल खाना .. nominal. To accord, be in "caste, and पाश्रम "religious order harmony with. or condition of life") s.m. The status of a given class of society. | पासना 8.f. Desire.. यज्ञस्थान 8. m. An altar, or place for sacri- वासय 8. n. A name of Indra, the god of fices. meteoric phenomena. योगशक्ति (योगशक्ति) 8.f. The supernatural वित . . Power', substanee, power of a Yogin. विवाहिता dj.f. and s..Married3; wife. विशाखा .. Name of un asterism, fulbled to ho jealons of the purtiality of the राबंधन (रया + बन्धन.m. Achairm M oon for Rolhint, another asterism. amulet. वेदपाठी (वेद + पाठी)s.n. A student of the रति.f. Pleasure the goddess of love. Vedas.npupil. रतिपति (eomp. of Sans. रति "passion," and भवमान el. Wealthy; noble, magnificent. पति “ master" s. m. The lord of pas- | प्याजस्तति (comp. of Suns, व्याज " deccit," sion or desire ; li name of Kana, the स्तुति “praisc") 8.f, Irony, god of love. राजलक्ष्मी f. A royal welcome. रांडक sm. A blockhond, a ninny, रोथ 8.m. Rumination, chewing the end. | शङ्कर 8.m. The auspicious% 3a proper nanne. शयनस्थान (comp. of Suns. शयन "sleeping," and स्थान "place") 8.m. Sleeping- apartment. लताकन (comp. of Sans. लता " creeping ping शरच्चन्द्र (comp. of Sans. शरद् "autumn," plant," and बघ्न arbour.").. A and चन्द्र "noon") 8.m. The autumn- bower formed by creepers. noon. लजाभवन (Sans. लता + भवन "dwelling")| शिथिलाई S.f. Looseness, relaxation. 8. m. An arbour or bower. शिरम (a corruption of the Sans.शिरोष)s, m. लाजवान M. लाजवती fulj. Modest. The Acncia. लरखरी (u form of लड़खडी) s.f. Flattery, शिवद्रोह (शिव+ द्रोह).m. The anger of Siva. ____conxing. शिशिर n. The cold scason, winter. ले intrj. Lo! como! well ! शशुपा (Sans.desiderative)s.f. Obedience, ले लेना . . To capture, scine, appropriate, ___service. ___take possession of. शोभायमान (a form of शोभामान) adh. Splen- लोकरीति (लोक + रीति) 8.f. What is done did, beautiful. in the world; the way of the world. लोकाचार (लोक + आचार) 8.m. The eustom of the world. लोहित जटा (लोहित + जटा) adj. and s. m. सगुन (a corruption of Sans. शकुन) 3. m. An Red-tressed; name of Siva. omen, augury.