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SUPPLEMENTAL GLOSSARY. 137 सगोत्री (स+गोचौ) ali. Of the same family आकर "receptacle") s.m. The reposi- or elan. tory of neetar; aname of thoMoon. संघाती s. m. A companion, friend. मनाई देना १. Nominal. To be heard. सजाती (म + जाति) adj. Of the same caste | म + पात्र) 8.M. A litting receptacle or tribe. ___or recipient. मनीवनी.f. The elixir of life. सुरसुन्दरी (मुर "god," and मुन्दरी) s.f. An संजोना or संजोचना (from Sans. संयोजन).. apsaras, or heavenly courtezan. _To prepare. सलक्षणी adj. Excellent. संधान करना v. nominal. To fix (an arrow to | मृचक s. m. A proper name. a bow), to arrange (generalls). It go-मझना . To appear, seein; to occur, verns the accusative. ___happen. समा in p. 49 misprint for मामा corruption | सोमतीर्थ 8. M. The name of a sacred batli- of the Sans. श्यामा for श्यामक, a sort of ing place. grain, Panicumfirumentteeum. सौभाग्यवान . यती/ adj.Auspicious, for- सम्हारना (a form of सम्भालना) 1. 4. To sup tunate. port; protect, check. रूपया सम्हारना To regulate the reventic, superintend finances. हारीत 8.m. A proper nanme, सम्हालना (a form of सम्भालना) 1. a. To sup हिंगोट (a corruption of Sans. इङ्गदी) s. m. port, assist; check, restrain. The name of a plunt (Perminalia cn. सर्वदमन (सर्व + दमन) 8. m. The all-temer; tappa) whenee oil is estincted. ___a proper name. हिया (form of हृदय) 8. P. Heart; chest.. सहवासी (from सहवासिन) adj. and subs. हुताशन (comp. of Sans. हत “oblation," Corresident, living with; co-dreller. ! | and अशन "eating") 8.1. The sacri- सहोदर (comp. of Saus. सह "with,""same" ficial fire. Land उदर " Fom") s.. A uterine है (- हय O हाय) interj. of surprisc. Eh ! brother. ha! And of grief, Alas! ah ! माकेतक माकेत+क) sm. and adj. (Onc) हो आना... To spring up, ariser belonging to Saketa, ie. Ayodhya होकर participle of होना" to be." It is or Oudh. often used to form adverbial com- साल (fron Sans. साट्य) 8. m. Evidence, pounds and, when joined to substan- ____testimony. tives denoting locality or direction, it माझो m. साझिन / adj. Assistant, helpful. has the sense of “via," "by way सासरा . m. Father-in-law's house. सीधापन 8. R. Straightforwardness, inge- होम 8.m. An oblation of clarified butter, nuousness, honesty. asaerifice. मुधाकर (comp. of Sans. मुधा “ ucctar," und होमधेनु s.f. A sucrificial cow. of." [[चित्र:|thumb|right|200px|]]