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A1.TTERSTIONS, 0.105, note 6t, Act I., for ho rahi hrip.116,jnote,Act IV. The publication of Feed to thihti. Mr. Kellygg's excellent Hindi Gram- p. 107, note 181, Net I. For another mar will probably leart to the abandon- instance of this eliphatic future See ment of the term "Horist" for this foran of the verb. For another instarmes of kahshige in Salhusra Ratri Sunkshep, jine in this sense, see p. 17,l. I0. p.25.21. " 116, note 18, Act IV., for. I know read p. 108, note 1700, Act I. Ald, f hut it. ____ Ishould knos. ॥l not be supposeel that my has 0.121, te 10.), Act I. For another actually been elideat," Bimilar instance of जान जाना 5cc Sri P. 10), lote B, Act II., for n.50 1९६४ | Krishunchandra's Mahabharata, vol. i. 1.56. p. 107. p, 111, note 6G, Ael. II. Add, "i.c. What 128 mote 67,Act VH. Ad, "Around __more could you expect? that as soon" | Furrukhahid this form is very com. &c. amon." p, 11:2, note93, Act II., for A motherp.128, Note 73, Act TII. विश्वासी oceur's iral My mother, in this latter sense in Harischandra's p. 11:3, notc 14, Acl III., for ll, 2) Magazine for 15th March 1874,p, 158, rt seg., real Il.2005-2582; See also col. 2,1.25. A. Bh. Adi-parvan, ch. 180. P. 13. कनियां/ The lap. This curious p. 111, note (G), col. 2. Insert after ___word is sinilay in character to बनियां देह को तपाता; केवल तपाता; भस्म sat an under-waisteoat (pl. बनियाएं); करता; and कर देता. and मनियांs/. beadl. D. 115, note 99, Act IIL., for better IIindi | In the following phatos, change the ___eud better in formation. termination of the participles ending in p, 15, note 11, Act III. Readl, Transl., ये to -ए,-1. 1, 11. G, To, and 1. 163; pa, fas though it were fetters to (my) 1.3, and 1.5; p., 1. 17; p. 6, 1.20; feet;" melliing that the brueclet boundp.), 1. 13p. 16, 1.20%; p.21, I, 14; lhim to the spot. | p. 22, 1.3; .25, 1. 19; p. 28, 1.83 p. 115, luote 121, Act III. Real, Transl., p. 30, 1. 15; p. 31, l. 19, and l. 23; "If you allow me, then, I'll clear p. 40, 1.25%; p. 4:3, 1. 17; p. 51, 1.24. (vour) exes by blowing with(my) The effect of this alteration is to turn mouth." words like लगाये into लगाए. For some of these emendations I am indebted to the careful criticisms of a Reviewer in the Indian Public Opinion; and for some to the courtesy of Mr. S. II. hellogg.