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यह पृष्ठ शोधित नही है

CROSBY LOCKwooD & SON HINDUSTANI MANUAL, containing a Compendious Grammar, Exercises for Translation, Dialogues, and Vocabulary, in the Roman Character. New Edition, entirely revised. By J.T. Platts. 18mo. 35.6d. BAGLI-O-BATHAR, in the Persian Character, with a complete Vocabulary, ___in Persian and Roman Characters. Royal 8vo. 125.6d. BAGE-O-BAIIAR, in English, with Explanatory Notes, illustrative or ___Eastern Character. Demy Sro. 8s. BAGH-O-BAEHAR, with Vocabulary. Roman Character. Crown 8vo,55. TOTA KAILANT3B on, " Tales ofa Parrot," in the Persian Character, with a complete Vocabulary. Royal Svo. 8s. BAITAL PACHISIB or "Twenty-five Tales ofa Iemon,' in the Nagari Character, with a complete Vocabulary in the Nagari and Roman Characters. Royal 8vo. 9s. IKHWANU-5-SAFAB or," Brothers of Purity," in the Persian Character. Royal 8vo. I25.6d. HOLROYD, COL, W. R. M., formerly Director of Public Instruction, Punjab. HINDUSTANI FOR EVERY DAY. Royal 8vo. 324 pages. 8s. net. KEMPSON, M., Director of Public Instruction in N.W. Provinces, 1862-78. TH REPEN TANCE OF Nussoon. Translated into English from the original Hindustani, Crown 8vo. 35.6d. FIRST FIFE CHAPTERS OF THE TAUBATU.X-NUSUll, in the Persian Character, with Marginal Analysis, additional Annotations, and Index Vocabulary. Royalsvo.75.6d. THESYNTAX AND IDIOMS OF HINDUSTANT. AManual of the Languages consisting of Progressive Exercises in Grammar, Reading, and Trans. lation, with Notes, Directions, and Vocabularies, Second, Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Crown 8vo, cloth. 6s. net. KEY TO THE TRANSLATION EXERCISES OF SYNTAX AND IDIOMS OF HINDUSTANI, in the Roman Character. Crown 8vo. 35.6d. MULVIHILL, P, A VOCABULARY FOR THE LOWER STANDARD IN HINDUSTANI, in the Roman Character. Containing the meanings of every word and idiomatic expression in "Jarrett's Hindit Period," and in "Selections from the Bagh-o- Bahar." Feap.3s.6d. PINCOTT, FREDERIC, M.R.A.S. SAKUNTALA IN HINDI, in the Nagari Character. Translated from the Bengali recension of the Sanskrit. Critically edited, with grammatical, idiomatical, and exegetical notes. 4to. 12s. 6d. HINDI MANUALL Comprising a grammar of the Hindi Language both Literary and Provincial: a complete Syntax; Exercises in various styles of Hindi composition Dialogues on several subjects%3D and a complete Vocabulary, in theNagari and Roman Characters. Third edition, thoroughly revised, Fcup. 8vo. 6s. PLATTS, I. T.. Persian Teacher at the University of Oxford. HINDUSTANT DICTIONARY. Dictionary of Urdu and Classical findi and English, in the Persian, Nagari, and Roman Characters. Super Royal 8vo. 6335,