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यह पृष्ठ शोधित नही है

GRAMMAR OF THE URDU OR HINDUSTANI LANGUAGE. Hindustani words in the Persian Character, Deny 8vo. 123. BAITAL. PACHISI, translaterl into English. Demy Svo. s.. IKIWANC-5-SAFA, translated into English. Demy 8vo. I0.6d. ROGERS,E.H. How TO SPEAK HINDUSTANIB in the Roman Character. Roy, 12my, Is. SMALL, REV. G. DICTIONARY OF NAVAL TERNIS, English and Hindustani. For the use of Nautical Men trading to India, &c. In the Roman Character, Fcap. 8vo. 2.6d. TOLBORT, F. W. H. ALIF LAILA BA-ZABAN-I-URDU (The Arabian Nights in Hindustani.) In the Roman Character. Crown Svo. 105.6d.


CHA M BERLAIN, BASIL H., Emeritus Professor of Japanese and Philology in the Imperial University of Tokyo. A HAND TOOK OF COLLoQUIAL JAPANESE, in the Roman Character. Third Edition, entirely revised. Crown 8ro, 155, PRACTICAL INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF JAPANESE WRITING. It teaches the writing of the "Kana" and most useful Chinese characters, and is a Reader at the same time, withfull translation. Folio, 35.6d. net. M&ECAULEY, CLAY, A.N. (President of the School for Advanced Learning Tokyo).. AS INTRODUCTORY COURSE IN JAPANESE. Crown vo. 10s. 6tt.


GALE, J.S. KOREAX-ENGLISTI DICTIONARY. Super Royal Sro, cloth. 30s. nel,


BIKKERS, DR. A.J. W. IALAY, ACHINESE, FRENCH, AND ENGLISII VOCABULARY. Alpha- betically arranged under each of the lour languages. With concisc Malay Grammar, Post 8vo.7s.bd. MARSDENIS ALAY GRAMMAR, 4toL1 1s. WILKINSON, R.J. AMALAY-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. In three parts. Royal 4to, about 75o pages. Sos. net, or bound in one volume, half-lcather, 63s. vel. The third part will be supplied at7s.6d. to those who have already purchased parts I and.


CLARKE, LIEUT.-COLONEL E. WILBERFORCE, (late) R.E. THE PERSIAN JINNUAL. A Pocket Companion. A Concise Grammar of the Language with Exercises, aSelection of Useful Phrases, Dialogues, and Subjects for Translation into Persian, and a Vocabulary of Useful Words, English and Persian, &c. I8no. 75.6d.