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Templates are used for linking between works at Wikisource.

The templates for linking to specific larger works are found in Category:Specific work internal link templates. Only generalized templates should be in this category directly.


  • article link, used to link to an article within a work
  • link, generally used to provide fully referenced from Author: namespace pages to work or part of the work.
    The full format is {{WorkAbbreviation link|entry name|display text}}
    e.g. {{IndianBio link|Buck, Sir Edward Charles|Sir Edward Charles Buck}}
  • lkpl, (link plain) generally used within biographical dictionaries, to link to a biographical detail within a work.
    The full format is {{WorkAbbreviation lkpl|entry name|display text}}
    e.g. {{IndianBio lkpl|Buck, Sir Edward Charles|Sir Edward Charles Buck}}
  • TOC, table of contents


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