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Special hyphen (teilamalül) used in Volapük typography, e.g. when syllabifying words (Vo=la=pük). Contrast that with using the common hyphen (yümamalül) applied in Volapük e.g. for writing double-barreled names (hiel ‚Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre‘) or compound placenames (el ‚Saint-Georges-en-Auge‘).

For full explanation (in Volapük), see Gramat Volapüka/Malüls#s34 and vo:Teilamalül.

Best typographic approximation would be probably 'MODIFIER LETTER SHORT EQUALS SIGN' (U+A78A), but it lacks from many fonts, thus using 'DOUBLE OBLIQUE HYPHEN' (U+2E17) instead.


Vo{{teilamalül}}la{{teilamalül}}pük Vo⸗la⸗pük