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यह पृष्ठ प्रमाणित हो गया।


THIS story was taken many years ago, with some adaptations, from an old English periodical bearing 1861 as the apparent date of publication; the author or-editor being unknown.

2. The earlier part was published in portions in Nagri as well as Persian characters in the Kashi Patrilsa, the well-known educational weekly of these Provinces which then flourished, and which. for all its purposes, employed a style of the vernacular which could be commonly understood by all sections of the people able to read and write.

3. The first portion of the story is almost a reprint from the above-named journal and the style adopted in that portion has been adhered to throughout the rest of the work,

4. It is hoped. that the story,, from its-innor cent yet intensely. pleasing and instructive plot and easy style, will prove a not unwelcome cons tribution to our present day Vernacular jevenile literature.