विकिस्रोत से

This template creates a search box to be used to search within a single work (i.e. all subpages of a main namespace page).

Caveat: Searches using this template don't show excepts of content transcluded from the page namespace if the search string is found in the title. It does work for transcluded content though.



  • 1 — The text to append to the search button label, prefixed with "Search in". Defaults to "this work".
  • work — The page (and subpages) to be searched. Default is the current page and its subpages.
  • placeholder — The text to show in the search box itself, until the user starts typing. Blank by default.


  1. With no parameters: {{engine}}
  2. With just the first, unnamed parameter: {{engine|Popular Science Monthly}}
  3. With all parameters: {{engine|PopSciMon|work=Popular Science Monthly|placeholder=Search the PSM archives}}


The following alternative names can be used for this template: