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Helper template to abstract layout of a header template "main block" (the block that contains the title and the next/previous links).

The template is intended for use by templates like {{header}} and {{author}} to centralise the layout code.

  • id ID of the main container
  • class class of the main container
  • style style of the main container
  • previous previous content (free wikicode, optional)
  • pretitle "pretitle" content (free wikicode, optional). Usually used by intermediate templates for text like "Versions of" that's not part of the main title
  • title main "title" content (free wikicode, optional)
  • next next content (free wikicode, optional)


{{Header/main block
 | style = border:1px solid green; background-color: #eee;
 | previous = Previous
 | next = Next
 | pretitle = Pretitle content
 | title = Title content
Pretitle content
Title content


  • This template applies the class .header-mainblock, which is used by the global CSS from MediaWiki:Gadget-SiteHeader.css to target responsive styling.
  • The three field have the following classes:
    • .gen_header_backlink
    • .gen_header_center_cell: the middle cell
      • .gen_header_pretitle: the title content (not the main title)
      • .gen_header_title: the title content (not the pretitle)
    • .gen_header_forelink

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