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This template provides a simple list of links to sister WMF projects.

  • An interface to this template is already included in {{header}}, {{author}} and {{portal header}}. In the respective namespaces — Main, Author and Portal — you should use those templates and you should not use this template directly.
  • Where the above header templates are not used this template is to be used.
  • This template uses Module:Plain sister to construct the list.


{{Plain sister
| edition = yes
| portal = 
| related_author = 
| wikipedia = 
| commons = 
| commonscat = 
| wikiquote = 
| wikinews = 
| wiktionary = 
| wikibooks = 
| wikiversity = 
| wikispecies = 
| wikivoyage = 
| wikidata = 
| meta = 


This template uses the following parameters. All parameters are optional. If no parameters are entered, relevant links will be accessed from Wikidata; if none is found, no output will be generated.

  • edition: Link to the associated talk-page when set to yes.
  • portal: Link to the named portal. Multiple portals can be linked by separating portals with a forward slash, eg. United States/Australia. Maximum of ten portals can be added
  • related_author: Link to the named author. Multiple authors can be linked by separating authors with a forward slash, eg. William Shakespeare/Francis Bacon
  • wikipedia: Link to Wikipedia (displays as article)
  • commons: Link to Wikicommons (displays as media) )
  • commonscat: An alternative link to Wikicommons, this links to a category instead of a gallery (displays as media category)
  • wikiquote: Link to Wikiquote (displays as quotes)
  • wikinews: Link to Wikinews (displays as news)
  • wiktionary: Link to Wiktionary (displays as definition)
  • wikibooks: Link to Wikibooks (displays as textbook)
  • wikiversity: Link to Wikiversity (displays as course)
  • wikispecies: Link to Wikispecies (displays as taxonomy)
  • wikivoyage: Link to Wikivoyage (displays as travel guide)
  • wikidata: Link to Wikidata (displays as data log). NB: Wikidata pages are referenced by an alphanumeric code.
  • meta: Link to Meta (displays as meta)
  • wikidataswitch: If set to anything (eg. "X"), this will enable a link to search for the page title on Wikidata (unless the page is already connected to Wikidata, which will prevent the creation of this link). This is not intended for manual use.


If a link is not specified manually using one of the above parameters, the template will check the page's associated Wikidata item for links. If any link is not found, the claims below will be used to find a relevant item and the first one to have a matching link will be used:

For example: Stella Dallas (Prouty) has item (Q106388874), which, as is common for "edition" items, does not have its own Wikipedia link. However, it has a (P629) claim leading to (Q7607053), which does have a Wikipedia link: w:Stella Dallas (novel). Therefore, that will be the Wikipedia link for Stella Dallas (Prouty).



The template can be used as follows to create a single interwiki link, author link or portal link:

{{Plain sister
| wikipedia = Test

{{Plain sister
| portal = Portals

{{Plain sister
| portal = Afghanistan/Albania/Algeria/Andorra/Angola/Antigua and Barbuda/Argentina/Armenia/Australia/Austria

{{Plain sister
| related_author = William Shakespeare/Francis Bacon

पूरा उदाहरण[सम्पादन]

The template can also be used to display a collection of portal and interwiki links:

{{Plain sister
| edition = yes
| portal = Portals/General Works/World History
| related_author = William Shakespeare/Francis Bacon
| wikipedia = Test
| commons = Test
| commonscat = Test
| wikiquote = Test
| wikinews = Test
| wiktionary = Test
| wikibooks = Test
| wikiversity = Test
| wikispecies = Test
| wikivoyage = Test
| wikidata = Q692
| meta = Test