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विकिस्रोत से
नेविगेशन पर जाएँ खोज पर जाएँ
यह पृष्ठ जाँच लिया गया है।

पर कान लगा; अब फेर सुनो॥
वह शब्द भयानक है दुगनो!
घनघोरघटा गरजी अब ही॥
तिहँ गूंज मनो दुहराय रही
यह तोप दनादन आवत हैं॥
ढिंग आवत भूमि कँपावत हैं
"सब शस्त्रसजो, सब शस्त्रसजो"॥
घबराट बढो सुख दूर भजो
दुखसों बिलपैं कलपैं सबही॥
तिनकी करुणा नहिं जाय कही
निज कोमलता सुनि लाज गए॥
सुकपोल ततक्षण पीत भए
दुखपाय कराहि बियोग लहैं॥
जनु प्राण बियोग शरीर सहैं
किहिं भांति करों अनुमान यहू॥
प्रिय प्रीतम नैन मिलैं कबहू?
जब वा सुख चैनहि रात गई॥
इहिं भांत भयंकर प्रात भई!!!" +[१]

हां यह खबर तुमनें किस्सै सुनी?"

  1. x There was a sound of revelry by night,
    And Belgium's capital had gathered then
    Her Beauty and her Chivalry, and bright
    The lamps shone o'er fair women and brave men;
    A thousand hearts beat happily; and when
    Music arose with its voluptuous swell,
    Soft eyes look'd love to eyes which spake again,
    And all went merry as a marriage bell;
    But, hush! hark! a deep sound strikes like a rising knell!
    Did ye not hear it?—No;'t was but the wind,
    Or the car rattling o'er the stony street;
    On with the dance! let joy be unconfined,
    No sleep till morn, when, Youth and Pleasure meet
    To chase the glowing hours with flying feet-
    But hark!-that heavy sound breaks in once more,
    As if the clouds its echo would repeat;
    And nearer, clearer, deadlier, than before!
    Arm! arm! it is- it is- the cannon's opening roar!
    Ah! then and there was hurrying to and fro,
    And gathering tears and tremblings of distress,
    And cheeks all pale, which but an hour ago
    Blush'd at the praise of their own loveliness;
    And there were sudden partings, such as press
    The life from out young hearts, and choking sighs
    Which ne'er might be repeated: who would guess
    If ever more should meet those mutual eyes,
    Since upon night so sweet such awful morn should rise!

    Lord Byron.