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विकिस्रोत से
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यह पृष्ठ जाँच लिया गया।

The following passages diverge widely from the corresponding passages in the " Devanagari" recension:---

p. 7, 11. 17--20.
p. 16, 11. 9--12.
p. 22, 11. 9--14.
p. 52 top. 55 transposed in various ways.

p. 55, 11. 4--6.
p. 68, 11. 3--6.
p. 74, 11. 5--7.
p. 76, 11. 19--22.
p. 79, 11. 23--24.

Besides tariations such as the above, the present text will be found to differ from the Sanskrit in numerous words and expressions; at time, the same ideas receive a quite different colour; and, attimes, the speeches are put into the mouths of dillerent chancters. The pecu- huities and divergencies from the older form of the drama, however,have no injurious effeet on the utility of the work as a melium for the nequisition of the IIindi language. For this purpose, the trunslation here edited is esery way admirably suited, on account alike of its mattel'and of its manner. Mr. Lachhman Sinh seems to lhareercented his translation without pedantic restraints, and without ambition after farfetched ornament. The speeches, except where intentionally other- wise, tlow with natural grace and freedlon ; and colloquial ellipses,yesides vulgar forms of words, are freely andl properly employed. Herein lies the value of the look to the student ; and no more need be sail on this point, further than that the words understood in the elliptical passagess have been supplied in the Notes.

In the text, all Mr. Lachhman Sinh's words and forms of words have been retaineil, except in a few eases where it was felt that a mere error of oversight had been committetl; and everrome of these dear-tures from the native translator will be found specified in the Notes,along with the reasons which induced the umendment. As Togarls the rest, I have confined myself to reducing the words to a standard ortlhography; aslil convineed that this should be the first improvement male in Hindi literature.

It has been my wish to explain, in the course of the Notes, every-thing likely to perplex the learner'; and I have not been deterred lhy suny fear of overloing the annotation. All the difficulties of the text are difficultiesated, and all the hard sentences are translated; at the same