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यह पृष्ठ शोधित नही है

110 NOTES TO THESAKUNTALA. [ACT II. this?" 24. Plural for singular = "1 did not | From the text we may infer that the Hindus untlerstand you" were familiar with the hurriing-gluse, at the 25. "Dil it hend itself down?" Apne day time of Kalidia. Fip setty, “spontaneously," "of itself." ___46. maixe here means "in an ordinary 26. Transl"It must have been bent hy way." It is very idiomatical. the stream." ___47. Notice the use of the ablative here. 27. Transl. "and should act like foresters." The meaning is, “to the toneh." 28. itthar .... Adhar, "on the one hand ___48. These verhs agree with sityahanti, . . . . on the other hund" &c. . although stableir is the nominative of the 29. How am I to discharge my bon at relative clause. deer, the co-dwellers of my beloved !" &c. 49. “ The king's order [shall he aahesedj." Notice the future for the potential. 50. A continuative form. Treast. “Just 30. Transl. ACun one know what thought, so mar you always he firustrated." is in your mind? My words are become like l . The use of the past tense of rahni for vailing in a wood." the present is very eommon. Transl. "TH The lorist is here used in the sense of not even n fiy is left here," or " has been the second future ;-"shall have rested." left bebind." 33. HisMijesty sits waiting for you." 52. "That is true; becanse Your Highness Lit., "warehing your way, the king isscated." | is ever before my eyes." Notice the use of the Persian srord rah. 53. Notice that bhart takes the kntive. 31. Minsomuch that," &c.: laist, just be. 51. “Well, then, what will [you get from fore, is, of course, exelamational. 35. Transl. "bis bulk is momtain-like, | 55. This use of the word alin is rathe and his strength like that of an elephant." | puzzling. Its ordinary senses wonld he Notice the difference in meaning caused by fundissolved," or "umabsorbed%;" hut it is Huserting the genitive before sxi. here, like its possible prototype the Pili 6. "the tracks of animals of the chase." alino, nsel in the sense of funconnectel," 37. “ IIon is it Your Majesty is seated ?" | "umattached." Midharya tells Dushyanta i.e. Why do you stay? 2nd pers. plur. again that the girl the is in love with isn Brahman's with op. daughter, and therefore beyond his reach (see 38. Transl. "Do you keep to your purn note lll, Act I.); to which the king replies, "Why do people,with upturned fances and open 39. The word bat understood. eyes, stare at the new moon? 'The implied 40. “How rarying is the condition of ani answer is," From sheer fatuity." Dush- mals from anger and from fear!" yante continues, " Do Yon rest assured that. 41. Datlanet = "for divertiny." people of the Puru rice ever fix their hearts 42.Transl. "What is come to routhat upon an object with which they have 10 ...?"&c. (proper) conmestion. The sentence हे सखा 428.bahut here - floo much." ... देखता है has rarrint from only very few 4:3. Transl. " May some old bear not seize Sanskrit MSS., and is regarded as spurious. unonyml, one day, in Inistake for a For alin taste the Sanskrit has paritorye jackal!" Vasturi, "on a forbidden object." 44. Transl. " Your Injesty's wish [ehall 56."Providentially." be obeved]." 7. The word Vāt is understood. 45. A consuming energy kindles up within 8. “ It is so, How can she whom the then." king may praise hot he superlutive?" 46. Suryatanti means “ beloved of the 59. " How could I praise her too " It is one of the HITIes of crysial. highly!" pose."